Woodford Reserve
Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Review)


The Woodford Reserve Distillery is located in Versailles, Kentucky




There are five sources of flavor for every bourbon. Woodford Reserve does something special at all five. Find out how we put the craft into Craft Bourbon.

Learn more about how we craft differently at all five sources of flavor. Watch the video.


Woodford Reserve has been a go to for me since I can remember. I really enjoy it around Fall and Winter when its a little bit colder outside because it gives you that nice warming feeling. I think that sometimes people try and make Bourbon more than what is with all kinds of ridiculous flavor comparisons. Just let it be what it is, really really good whiskey. The first thing I always do when I open a new bottle is smell it and this has a nice dark, oak smell to it which I love.The taste is perfect with the right blend of spices and some old age oak. It goes down nice and easy and leaves a spicy taste in your mouth. In other words, its delicious. It is for sure my go to late, cold night by the fire drink.

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