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Heresy (Review)


The Weyerbacher Brewing Co. is located in Eastern, Pennsylvania

Weyerbacher Heresy

Weyerbacher Heresy


[quote]This incredibly intriguing ale is made by aging our Old Heathen Imperial Stout in oak barrels that were used for making fine Kentucky bourbon! The result is an extraordinary, dark, and mysterious stout whose very essence has been enhanced. The aroma is filled with vanilla, cocoa, and roasted coffee beans.[/quote]


have had this brew before, but seemed to have forgotten to write it up in a review for you guys. So here it is!


  • ABV: 8%
  • Availability: Seasonal brew in February each year
  • Hints: Try in brownies, with ice cream, or in lieu of your morning coffee

The Pour:

Pours a very deep brownish black with a tan khaki head that resides pretty quickly.

The smell:

This brew smells intensely of roasted malt to me. I have seen a few other guys say the smell was quite light. However, I have to disagree, it seemed pretty aromatic.

The Taste:

The taste is a bit different than the roasted smell. You can definitely pick out the coffee flavor from the whiskey from the vanilla. They all kind of come together in a “milky” texture with a little hidden chocolate flavor in the background if you’re really paying attention. It has a nice oaky whisky finish on the palate that hangs around for quite some time afterwards.

The Mouthfeel:

Hardly any noticeable carbonation. A little thicker, but not much more than you’d expect out of a whiskey stout. If you’re a fan of the stout and whiskey oak flavors without too much thickness, this one may be for you. I’d say it has a mild thickness in your mouth… Giggity.

The Verdict:

The Heresy Imperial Stout Aged in Whiskey Barrels is a pretty nice stout that really leaves an enjoyable whiskey note on the tongue for a while longer. Not too much coffee like some other similar beers. If there could be anything better, I’d say the smell could be a little less roasted. It through me for a loop because the taste did not quite match the smell. Overall good beer though. I will be trying others by Weyerbacher when I come across them.

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