Thomas Creek Brewery
Oktoberfest Lager (Review)

The Thomas Creek Brewery is located in Greenville, South Carolina


Well, its October which means Oktoberfest beer is coming out with a vengeance. A couple nights ago I have the Thomas Creek Oktoberfest Lager while it was little cold outside and watching Sunday Night Football and this brew fit in perfectly.

It poured a dark, see-through copper with a thin creamy white head that sat around for a little while. I enjoyed the smell of Carmel malt, and some lager yeast, someone even suggested they smelled some fresh cut grass in there. The smell wasn’t very strong but, it was nice none the less.  The taste was a nice toasted malt and Carmel with a bitterness that hits you right at the end. It is a very drinkable lager that isn’t going to blow you away but, I think most people will enjoy it. Thomas Creek is very hit or miss with me but, I enjoyed and I will probably grab a few more of them before they are back off the shelves.

Gonna keep this one short and sweet. I would suggest you grab one if you happen to pass by it.

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