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Incase you have some sort of weird disability where you completely miss the meaning behind a website, I will break it down for you very simply..we love beer. Good craft beer. Bad macro beer. If it’s beer, we want to drink it and we want to talk about it. That doesn’t mean that we are going to like them all (I am looking at you here Budweiser) and that is why we need your help. Here at theBrewery we write reviews not only because we enjoy talking about beer but, if we can help convert some poor guy who has been walking around the beer aisle for 3 hours because he is sick of drinking Miller Lite but, he has no idea where to start into a full fledged craft beer nerd then we have done our job.

This is where you come in amigos or amigettes. So far we have tried (and failed almost certainly due to time and health constraints. Not lack of effort.) to drink every single beer that exists in the world but, honestly it just isn’t as realistic as we had once hoped. There are countless men and women around the world who work hard day and night to brew some of the most amazing beer that you could imagine and although we would love to try them all, we need you help in doing so. If you find something amazing that just tickles your fancy enough to provoke you to spill your guts on the page (not literally) then we want to hear about it. Maybe you enjoy writing just as much as you do drinking and you want to submit a review every week. To you, we say, “Where the hell have you been all our lives?” Maybe your just some drunk guy who lives under a bridge and somehow has access to a computer and the internet…the point is WE WANT YOUR SHIT TO BE OUR SHIT.

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Anyone submitting reviews to theBrewery agrees to name their first born child Lieutenant Poopy Face (regardless of gender) and second born child Fat Amy (again, regardless of gender). If you no longer want any children after your first child, you must agree to travel back in time and search out one Velociraptor egg and return it to us. You also agree that you are at least 21 years of age and to give us full rights to do whatever we please with your work. Not all submissions will make it on to theBrewery…sorry but, thats life. That doesn’t mean you should quit submitting your reviews though. Don’t. Stop. Believing.