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These are just some suggestions:

  • Bartenders
  • Dog Shaming
  • Funnels Up
  • Gingervitis
  • Girls Cheat at Beer Pong
  • Girls Who Love America
  • Girls That Are Top Heavy
  • Hump Day
  • Keg Standers
  • Random
  • She Must Work Out
  • These Girls Are Doing It Right
  • Tie Tuesdays
  • Videos
  • You Are Drunk


Your pictures don’t have to fall into any of these categories…we want them no matter what! Hell, maybe you will even start a new thread!

Please submit photos to Photos[at]

Anyone submitting photos to theBrewery agrees to name their first born child Lieutenant Poopy Face (regardless of gender) and second born child Fat Amy (again, regardless of gender). If you no longer want any children after your first child, you must agree to travel back in time and search out one Velociraptor egg and return it to us. You also agree that you are at least 18 years of age and to give us full rights to do whatever we please with your photos and that includes drawing funny mustaches or penises on you. Just don’t try any funny business because I will bitch slap you so hard you won’t know what to do.