Red Hare Brewing Company
Gangway IPA (Review)

The Red Hare Brewing Company is located in Marietta, Georgia


Red Hare Brewing - Gangway IPA

Red Hare Brewing – Gangway IPA


[quote]This American style IPA is medium bodied and definitely has that citrus flavor and aroma we’ve all come to love. Coming in at 6.2% ABV we hope this IPA sets the tone for our brewery in the Atlanta market. Slightly sweet, hopped with Williamette, Chinook, Cascade and Falconers Flight hops, this golden brew is crisp but unfiltered and we know it will leave people thirsty for more.[/quote]


Red Hare Brewing Company is the first craft brewery to offer beer in cans in Georgia and I love it. You could say that I am biased because I live in Atlanta but, Red Hare is becoming a weekly go to for me. As they keep growing, I am going to keep drinking. A lot.


The Pour

It poured kind of a dark, golden color with a 2 finger head and had some decent lacing.

The Smell

Had a decently strong smell of citrus with floral, apricot and strong grapefruit notes.

The Taste

The taste is a an extension of the smell.  Citrus, grassy hops and a bit of  herbal, malt that provided some notes of bread and caramel and lends decent sweetness, finishes with nice, fairly dry bitterness.

The Mouthfeel

Medium body. Medium Carbonation.

The Verdict

A little different than what you expect from a regular IPA but, I think that is a good thing…isn’t that what craft beer is all about? Being different and having your own, unique flavor? Anyway, with Red Hare Brewing being so close to me I expect to spend some serious time with their beer and make some trips to visit the brewery. Even though everyone may not enjoy the Gangway IPA because it isn’t your typical IPA, I liked it and will continue to drink it and I suggest you hop on the Red Hare trail and give it a shot.

Keep Calm and Drink On


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