Old Dog, New Gifts: Craft Beer-Themed Doggie Gift Guide. (Article)


Old Dog, New Gifts: Craft Beer-Themed Doggie Gift Guide.

By Claire Chastain

It’s a well-known fact that dogs have been winning the title of man’s best friend for centuries, and beer has been a steadfast runner-up, nipping at the heels of our four-legged friends. Both provide unconditional love and are always there when you need ‘em.

Craft breweries, just like us, enjoy the companionship of dogs and good beer, often at the same time. What can we do to thank our pups for their unwavering friendship this holiday season? Style them up with gear from your favorite craft breweries!

Here are a few of my favorite gifts:

Bells2Bell’s Brewery, Inc. | Kalamazoo, MI

Dog collar and dog bowl: These doggie accessories from Bell’s Brewery are perfect for your favorite Michigander!

dogfishDogfish Head Craft Brewery | Milton, DE

Dogfish Head collars, leashes and harnesses by Silverfoot help you walk your pooch in style.


flyingdogFlying Dog Brewery | Frederick, MD

Dog collar with bottle opener: Make that mutt of yours a little more useful with a Flying Dog dog collar with a bottle opener.


lagunitasLagunitas Brewing Company | Petaluma, CA

From treats to toys, Lagunitas has the perfect gift for your canine friends.


NinkasiNinkasi Brewing Company | Eugene, OR

Dog zip hoodie: Ninkasi’s dog hoodie features a silver logo and zipper to keep your dog warm all winter long.


PikePike Brewing Company | Seattle, WA

Pike has lots of goodies for your dog, but our favorite is Derby’s Favorite Feeder by These Creatures out of Everett, WA. This feeder hangs on the wall so that your pup doesn’t have to bend down and disrupt her digestion in order to dine. Pike Brewing’s Rose Ann Finkel reminds us that “the breed specific feeders are custom orders that require 60-90 days to deliver.” Brewers Association/ American Homebrewers Association members use promo code BAMEM13 at checkout for a special discount.

RougeRogue Ales | Newport, OR

Dog collar: Rogue has teamed up with Portland’s Cycle Dog and produced the first Rogue dog collar! Made from recycled bike tires, this collar is the best way for man’s best friend to show their Rogue pride.