Hudson Whiskey
Baby Bourbon (Review)

Hudson Whiskey is located in Gardiner, New York

Hudson Baby Bourbon

 The Stats:

ABV: 46%; 92 proof
Awards: Double Gold Medal – Small Batch Class – 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Silver Medal for Wordwide Whiskey – Bourbon Category 2010 – International Wine and Spirits Competition – UK

The Smell:

Pretty strong  aroma of caramel with a slight hint of vanilla, leather and oak. Oh, and corn, some serious corn. Also, there was a little hint of metal which after reading around I figure is from the copper still they use.

The Taste:

Seeing as this Bourbon is 100% corn you would expect corn right off the bat but, not so fast.  There was some oak spice and a little hint of that metal again along with a sort of buttery flavored smoothness. The finish is quick and smooth with just a little bit burn.

The Mouthfeel:

Very smooth and easy to drink with a slight burn.

The Verdict:

Overall, I thought that this Bourbon was pretty damn good. The bottle gives it a really great prohibition style look and the taste is perfect for sitting outside by a fire with a cigar or possibly in your 1928 Cadillac on the run from the law for running whiskey, either way I think you will enjoy it. The price tag is a little hefty so if you aren’t ready to throw down about $45 I suggest finding it at a bar and giving it a try first.

Stay Thirsty. Stay Foolish.

Damn Good.

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