Cigar City Brewing
Jai Alai IPA (Review)

Cigar City Brewing is located in Tampa, Florida

Cigar City Jai Alai

Let’s be real honest here. If you have been lucky enough to come across a can of Jai Alai in your life you know exactly what is going to be said here in the next couple hundred words. That shit is Delicious. For those of you who have not had the fortune of liquid angels flowing into your taste buds then read on and set all lasers to jealousy.

  • ABV: 7.5% ABV
  • Bitterness: 70 IBU
  • Availability: Year Round
  • Available In: Florida
  • Awards:
    • 2011 Best Florida Beer Championship – Silver Medal
    • 2010 Best Florida Beer Championship – Gold Medal
The Pour:

Drank it straight from the can like it deserves. I can imagine though that if I were to pour it into a glass it would be indescribable.

The smell:

Smells like summer. Very bright and citrusy. Lots of grapefruit with a little bit of pine and malt followed by the show stealing hops.

The Taste:

As expected from the nose the taste starts out with a nice hit of bright, citrusy fruit and some bitterness. Some sweetness and caramel comes in, but the sweetness is not as over-powering as the smell would indicate. The malt character is hearty but not too heavy and creates a very good balance. The fruity hop notes carry you through the finish line. Very well balanced. Delicious.

The Mouthfeel:

Very crisp and very smooth, medium body, medium carbonation, finish is slightly sticky.

The Verdict:

Yes, this brew is delicious and I wish I would have cleaned out every store I could find while I was in Tampa. It very drinkable, has a good kick to it and overall is just an awesome IPA. You know my thoughts here, if you find yourself within range of some Jai Alai then you would be down right dumb not to try it.

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Good. As. Shit.

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