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theBreweryUSA is one of the fastest growing craft beer websites on the planet. We receive thousands of page views per month with new and returning visitors coming from all over the United States as well as the rest of the world.  Whatever you want to advertise is probably awesome and your thinking to yourself “Why do I need help from these guys?” Well, you need our help because we said that you do. theBreweryUSA has a unique goal in mind of bringing craft beer to the younger generation of beer drinkers and most people who find a beer that they really like become life long, die hard fans. So why not get to them while their young and have a lot of years of beer drinking left?

Heres a scenario for you:

A fresh faced 21 year old hears some of his more experienced beer drinking friends talking about this website that they love to visit called “” They tell him that they love learning about all the latest craft beer news, reading the reviews that are written so they know what they should try first, and the picture threads aren’t half bad either. The 21 year old jumps on his computer as soon as he gets home and checks it out. He loves it. Like, he REALLY loves it. He goes back every day and then one day he notices an ad on the sidebar of the page for “Alaskan Pipeline Brewing Company.” He doesn’t really think much of it until later when he and his friends go to a bar and he notices they have “Alaskan Pipeline Brewing Company” on tap, so he orders one. His friends have never tried “Alaskan Pipeline Brewing Company” before either so they also order one and they ask how he heard about them. He tells them about how he remembered that he saw an ad for them earlier that day on so he decided to give them a try. He loves it and so do all of his friends. After he finished his pint he slams his glass back down on the table and says “Wow, I am so glad that I was on today and noticed that ad for “Alaskan Pipeline Brewing Company” because I would have just looked right past them otherwise. Thanks theBreweryUSA!” Then he turns to the camera and winks.

You have now made a few more life long customers who will buy beer from you for a LONG time all because you happened upon this new, awesome craft beer site and read this really long and drawn out story which compelled you to email them at and get your ad on their site. Cheers!

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