About theBreweryUSA

It’s a little difficult to explain what we are because you can’t really explain the unexplainable…get it? Good.

Here goes nothing…

theBreweryUSA was thought up by 3 friends on a lunch time drinking venture in early 2012. It went sort of like this:

3 Friends walk into a bar to eat lunch:

Friend 1 to waitress: Do you have any beer specials today?

Waitress to friend 1: We have Miller High Life, Bud Light and Coors light on draft.

Friend 2 to waitress: Do you have any beer thats um…not those?

Waitress to friend 2: We have Stella and Blue Moon…

Friend 3 to waitress: I’ll have a water then.

They sat around for a little while and watched endless person after person order yellow, fizzy beer and wondered why this particular bar did not have at least Sweetwater or Terrapin anywhere in sight. We live 20 minutes from the Sweetwater Brewery…why do they not have any Sweetwater? What the hell is going on? Who are these people? Where am I?

They put their brains together and decided it was time for them to take their love of craft beer public. Luckily, between the 3 of them they had all of the necessary skills to put together a really good looking, really well functioning website.

They sat and thought about all the things they look for in a craft beer website and the things that they would like to see but, had yet to come across:

Friend 1: I love theChive.

Friend 2: I also love theChive.

Friend 3: I as well love theChive.

Friend 1: Let’s make our craft beer site something that will have the same social impact that theChive has but, in the craft beer community.

Friend 2: Perfect, we will have stuff that will keep people wanting to come back every day and check out new, awesome stuff but,we will have a craft beer theme to everything.

Friend 3: I agree. I also think we should do cool picture threads with funny random pictures, girls, cool places to visit, cars and that kind of stuff. Really give the people everything they want.

Friend 1, 2 and 3: (All while in a simultaneous jump high-five) Let’s make it happen!

theBreweryUSA has really evolved since the days of its inception. They already had some experience writing reviews on beer from a previous site that one of the friends had started a few months prior and they know what they like and hoped that it was the same stuff that everyone else would like. 

The goal the 3 friends put together for theBreweryUSA is to take the world of craft beer and bring it to people their own age. They were tired of showing up to parties that their friends were having and getting tossed a “nice, cold Natty Light.” Sure, Natty Light was fine for beer pong in your parents basement in high school  but, not so much anymore. We are adults(ish) now and its time for theBreweryUSA to show all of our friends and your friends and their friends and even people that you don’t even really like across the nation between the ages of 21-30 that yellow, fizzy beer water is not okay. We want something that taste good, something that was made with love and hard work and something that you can truly enjoy. Its time for all of our taste buds to grow up, together, as a generation. 


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